Just when it seems like there is much desolation, devastation and uncertainty in the world following the recent happenings of Covid-19, Segun Samson, a fast-rising artiste, told the Tribune Online that there remains a place of comfort, where one can find solace, protection, love and guidance, in his new song ‘Said and Done’ which he released on Friday, April 24, 2020.

For the fast-rising artiste, creating art and music has become an everyday routine. He says, “it is so peaceful and fun to do”, hence, making it his career.

Since the release of the song, music lovers and fans have shown excitement and have lauded the singer for dropping the song in a timely manner. One fan on Instagram wrote, “I just stumbled on this and I must say that it’s so beautiful I shed some tears.” another fan wrote, “This song makes me happy and thankful to God.”

‘Said and Done’ is Segun Samson’s first single in 2020 as he’s currently working on his EP, titled ‘Gift’ (God Is Forever Tangible).

Segun Samson is a contemporary music worshipper, a phenomenal songwriter and games and animation concept artiste, based in Lagos, Nigeria.

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